This is a news tracking demo for The Demo Company.

For this Demo, the news tracker aggregates ‘near real-time’ news from law firms – all in one place. The full list can be viewed on the Companies page.

For live feeds, our clients select their own list of companies to track. Typically there are customers, suppliers, prospects, acquisition targets, competitors or any related business.

The customised news feed is co-branded with the logo appearing in the top right of the header.

There are no limits on number of articles available and any number of users can view the content. Each user must have their own password.

Each user signed up receives a daily email newsletter of the latest news from these companies.

There is an RSS newsfeed of the articles, which clients put on their Intranet for easy access.

Users can share or print articles.

The content is normally password protected, but for the demo we have left it unprotected.

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